• 14 Masumeen a.s Two layer Calligraphy (Design#4)


    MDF Compressed Plywood

    Thickness: 4.4mm


    Length: 18 Inches and Width : 36 Inches


    The Fourteen Infallibles (Arabic: ٱلْمَعْصُومُون ٱلْأَرْبَعَة عَشَر, al-Maʿṣūmūn al-ʾArbaʿah ʿAšar; Persian: چهارده معصومین, Čahârdah Ma’sūmīn) in Twelver Shia Islam are the Islamic prophet Muhammad, his daughter Fatima Zahra, and the Twelve Imams.

    This antique frame is handmade on premium quality material ( MDF Compressed Plywood ) .

    Be prepared to change the air of your homes by this beautiful product .

    How to Hang?

    This calligraphy is hang by a single nail.


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